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Hypermobility – Flexibility 



Skin involvement (hyperextensible and/or smooth, velvety skin) as well as bruising tendencies are both variable. Joint hypermobility is the dominant clinical manifestation. Generalized joint hypermobility that affects both large and small joints is evident in Hypermobile Type EDS. Recurring joint dislocations are common occurrences. Certain joints, such as the shoulder, patella, and temporomandibular joint dislocate frequently.


Chronic joint and limb pain is a common complaint among individuals with Hypermobile Type EDS. Skeletal X-rays are normal. Musculoskeletal pain is early onset, chronic and may be debilitating. The anatomical distribution is wide, tender points are often elicited.


To date, researchers have identified no distinctive biochemical collagen finding. Inheritance: Autosomal dominant.


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